Strategies to Help Children Learn Sight Words What Are Sight Words? Sight words are commonly used words in literature that young children are encouraged to remember and recognize just by looking at them, without sounding them out. Once a child learns all the sight words on … Continue reading

Ongoing Behavior or Academic Problems At School: Facts to Know You have the right to request that your child receive an in-school evaluation by a school psychologist. While evaluations by school psychologists are done to determine eligibility for special education, they can also provide you with a lot of … Continue reading

Math Strategies: Teaching Mental Math (Basic Addition) When children are learning basic math facts it is important for them to make sense of number combinations.┬áConcepts that may seem like common sense to an adult often need to be explicitly taught to a child, with clear examples … Continue reading

Guided Writing It is very common for young children or children with learning or developmental disabilities to have trouble organizing their thoughts in order to put them into well written sentences or paragraphs. Students with writing difficulties may try to avoid … Continue reading

Getting Kids Motivated With Timers Timers are an excellent way to motivate your children or students to complete tasks and listen to directions. Here, I will illustrate three ways to use timers with children. 1. Some children have difficulty working for prolonged periods of … Continue reading

Getting Your Children to Listen to You

There are a variety of ways to encourage children to listen to you through positive phrasing. I provided one example on my first behavior post “Compliance.” Here I will provide another example of how to use positive phrasing to encourage … Continue reading

Compliance Children are more apt to follow the rules when they work towards earning privileges rather than having them taken away. A classic example would be phrasing your statement positively and using the first/then approach. For example, you can say … Continue reading