Ongoing Behavior or Academic Problems At School: Facts to Know You have the right to request that your child receive an in-school evaluation by a school psychologist. While evaluations by school psychologists are done to determine eligibility for special education, they can also provide you with a lot of … Continue reading

How to Praise Your Kids I have spent hours observing children in their classrooms or homes as a school psychologist and mobile therapist. Generally what happens is a teacher or parent comes to me saying that the child does not behave. Some common concerns … Continue reading

Positive Behavior Support for Children on the Autism Spectrum or Children Displaying Challenging Behaviors Although this article places emphasis on children on the autism spectrum, much of the article can be applied to any child displaying challenging behaviors. When caring for or working with a child on the autism spectrum, a parent, teacher, … Continue reading

How to Say “No” Without Saying “No” It is often difficult for younger children to accept the word “no.” Older individuals with developmental or emotional disabilities may also have difficulty accepting the word “no.” The word ”no” often leads to temper tantrums, arguing, and/or pleading. When … Continue reading

Getting Kids Motivated With Timers Timers are an excellent way to motivate your children or students to complete tasks and listen to directions. Here, I will illustrate three ways to use timers with children. 1. Some children have difficulty working for prolonged periods of … Continue reading

Getting Your Children to Listen to You

There are a variety of ways to encourage children to listen to you through positive phrasing. I provided one example on my first behavior post “Compliance.” Here I will provide another example of how to use positive phrasing to encourage … Continue reading