Math Problem Solving Strategies: Keywords, Relevant Information, Creating Visuals Many times children have trouble solving word problems because they do not know which operation (+, -,  X, ÷) to use to solve the problem.  When trying to figure out which operation to use, it is important to pay attention … Continue reading

A Great Place to Purchase Supplies to Support Kids’ Development! Discount School Supply® has over 6,000 products from over 25 different categories. The established leader in Arts & Crafts products, Discount School Supply also offers broad assortments in other categories, including Dramatic Play; Active Play; Infant & Toddlers; Furniture, … Continue reading

78 Free IPAD Apps to Help With Learning, Behavior, and Language Development

The IPAD is an extremely useful tool for helping children develop skills. A variety of free apps are designed to help with learning, behavior, and/or language development. There are also several apps specifically created with children with autism in mind. I … Continue reading

Ongoing Behavior or Academic Problems At School: Facts to Know You have the right to request that your child receive an in-school evaluation by a school psychologist. While evaluations by school psychologists are done to determine eligibility for special education, they can also provide you with a lot of … Continue reading

Math Strategies: Teaching Mental Math (Basic Addition) When children are learning basic math facts it is important for them to make sense of number combinations. Concepts that may seem like common sense to an adult often need to be explicitly taught to a child, with clear examples … Continue reading

How Math Games Can Help Children learning math concepts benefit from seeing the problems visually and participating in the problem. Visual representation of a math problem makes a huge difference in getting the concept across to the student. Below are examples of some fun … Continue reading