Reading Comprehension Strategies: Visualizing and Verbalizing Visualizing and Verbalizing (V/V) is a strategy, created by Nanci Bell, an expert in the treatment of language and literacy disorders, for parents and educators to utilize with children (or adults) who have trouble with reading comprehension. Many readers … Continue reading

78 Free IPAD Apps to Help With Learning, Behavior, and Language Development

TheĀ IPAD is an extremely useful tool for helping children develop skills. A variety of free apps are designed to help with learning, behavior, and/or language development. There are also several apps specifically created with children with autism in mind. I … Continue reading

Digital Program Review “Children Learning Reading” Children Learning Reading is a digital learning program, which can be downloaded directly to your computer. This program teaches you how to teach children to read easily and effectively, through step-by-step techniques. Educators and parents can easily use this … Continue reading