Having Fun While Learning

fun while learning


Some children have  difficulty reaching their full learning potential in a typical school environment. Children often feel that school is not fun, so they have a hard time putting their all into their lessons. Any adult that has sat through a boring training at work can understand this.

Due to feeling bored or frustrated, they often turn to talking, day dreaming, drawing, or playing with items. This leads to missed instruction. When they are reprimanded for their behavior, they generally stop briefly, only to quickly return to the behavior they were reprimanded for.

Engaging students in the lesson and keeping them entertained is one of the hardest jobs of a teacher, especially when the students feel like they cannot relate to the material. However, making a student feel like he is having fun while learning is the key to keeping him interested and helping him get the most out of the lesson.

Research shows that playing with toys and games in a natural way is one of the best ways for children to learn. The best part of learning while playing is that it happens naturally without the child even realizing it.

When you want to get the most educational benefit from a child’s play experience, guide the path of the play. Educational toys, games, and activities can make a big impact.

It helps when guiding educational play to know the child’s strengths and needs. Let them engage in an activity that builds on their strengths. For example, if the child seems to be good in math, allow him to try a challenging math activity in which he will likely be successful. This will lead to increased self-esteem when he succeeds. It is also important to let him play with toys or games that help enhance the areas he struggles in, so a fun reading activity like a computer game or word bingo might be good for the first grader that is having trouble learning to read.


There is a downloadable program called K5 Stars that includes over 300 educational computer games. It is a highly rated program by parents and educators. It is a little pricey but well worth it for what you get.


If you are looking for a great reading game, you can try Zingo Sight Words. Kids play bingo while learning to read.

For additional suggestions to help a child with learning, visit the E-Learning center and Wise Market of Wise Education and Behavior.

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